Jeff Zhai Jian Performing Saxophonist /Saxophone Instructor

P.Mauriat Saxophone Endorsing Artist


Based in Singapore, Jeff Zhai Jian is a young, vibrant and talented saxophonist and experienced instructor who has been featured and performed saxophone on mediacorp TV show. He was regarded as "Singapore's Kenny G" by Mediacorp TV channel 5. He plays Kenny G style soprano sax music, smooth jazz music and other types of saxophone music.


At age 8, Jeff first learned Jazz and started to get familiar with Saxophone music. He was enchanted by the romantic tunes and fell in love with it instantly. And age 13, he studied Saxophone intensively and achieved the highest grade (Grade 10) at provincial level (Shandong province, China) and the highest grade (Grade 9) in Chinese National Music Examination for Saxophone. He also achieved Grade 3 (highest grade is Grade 4) in National Examination of Music Knowledge. 

Since primary school, Jeff has shown an innate flair in music and has been appointed as the student leader in arts activities till high school, conducting student chorus group and leading other performances. He has represented the school and won many awards in many arts festivals. He was awarded with "the Most Talented Student" in Shandong Province at 13.  At provincial level he has also won silver medal in saxophone competition at age 14.

He was the chief musician in provincial orchestra during age 13 to 15.

In Feb 2010, Jeff came to Singapore to pursue higher education in Republic Polytechnic and soon was invited to join school musician group Replug and performed at Esplanade. In August 2010, he was recommended by school to join Singapore's first talents show OMG (One Moment of Glory) on TV.  In Dec 2010, he was invited back again to perform for the biggest countdown party "Celebrate 2011" at Marina May by Mediacorp TV channel 5


In July 2012, Jeff was invited to perform in Dan Hill's "Greatest Hits 2012" world tour show in Marina Bay Sands grand theater Singapore.


Jeff's saxophone solo performance is popular for events, parties and weddings in Singapore and he has been invited to perform overseas too. Jeff has also performed for many grand events such as Singapore Prestige brand award ceremony 2011 and 2012, and also international award ceremony hosted by SPN Ogivly Russia in Jan 2011.


In Jan 2022, Jeff became P.Mauriat Saxophone endorsing artist.

Jeff is also a patient, inspiring and experienced instructor, with his strong performing experience and teaching experieces in all types of saxophones, Based in Singapore, his students have scored distinguished and merit in ABRSM saxophone exams, And some of his students were offered DSA before PSLE. His students are from all over the world and aged from children to adults. He will inspire more students and bring the music to their hearts with his devotion to saxophone and its romantic music. 


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